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Blast from the past


I was having fun the other day reading some of my archives (back when my pictures were way less than awesome and terribly sized). I found my original living room tour (from my bachelorette pad) and thought we could do a little "that was then/this is now" tour. First up, bookshelves and tv stand then (and weird feather wreath and sad little tv):

Bookshelves now (in the dining room):

TV stand now:

Sofa & art before:

Well the sofa is no more (went in our office before being sold on Craigslist, but the lamps, white table, and photo frames are all in our living room (frames got a facelift with some white, and then brown, spray paint):

And my coffee table then:

I've since added some more books...

Funny to see how my style has changed, and how it's adapted to new furniture (that I didn't get to choose!). I think it's pretty clear that my taste has matured a bit, and that I've had a little more time (and therefore money) to invest in more textiles and accessories. I've also learned more about mixing pattern and texture, how to hang art properly (oy), and the importance of scale. One thing I did have right though, was styling bookshelves. Love that!

How has your style developed over the years?