Collected Magazine

Have you seen recently debuted Collected Magazine? This new online mag just came out with their first issue, but I'm already crushing.

Collected is definitely a more gender-neutral magazine than some of the other heavy hitters today, which was refreshing and fun. It's also geared as a "lifestyle magazine" instead of just interiors, so there is equal emphasis on food, interiors, small business, fashion, and other editorial. The interiors that were featured were really realistic and approachable places - not to say the design wasn't good! But as I read on twitter the other day, the real difference between design mags is who is showing ASpirational design and who is showing INspirational design. This is inspirational, not unattainable.

On to my screen grabs - hopefully they follow Lonny's lead and offer a browse-able and pin-able gallery for bloggers!

My vote? I'm already excited to see the sophomore edition! Check out the whole issue!