Hey dolls,

Sorry to keep you hanging for a post yesterday. This is my last full week of work (I work one day next week too) so things have been a little hectic. I'm beat. And to save on commuting time I've been staying at Ryan's mom's house since it's only about a 30 minute drive from my office. So I haven't been able to document any new projects.

This photo is from April but this little vignette has stayed the same. Usually if something lasts longer than 10 days you know I really like it. This little table has seen many different tablescapes since I bought it for my bachelorette pad. I'm liking the dash of color the books bring in, though. The vase and orchid mostly serve the purpose of height and layering - I think it's important that the mirror and the table are somehow connected so that they relate to each other. Not just two pretty pieces floating separately in space.

The only thing that really bugs me about this corner is that I'm stuck on what to do under the table. That shelf is mostly there for structural support - it's so shallow that I've had trouble fitting things on it. Don't want to weigh it down, but I think it looks funny empty. If the table were a little larger and/or I could remove the shelf, I'd do a pair of upholstered benches or ceramic garden stools. But maybe it's just the kind of thing that only bugs me.

But hey, if that's my biggest problem with that particular corner, I'll take it. You should see the state of the hallway right now... oh dear.