Green thumb

Over the weekend I was able to take advantage of the weather and get out in the garden to do some MUCH belated weeding and give everything a nice drink of water. Being the blogger I am, I was also down with my nose to the dirt trying to get some good photos for you. I'm sure our neighbors think I'm nuts. This year we chose a few starts at the store - garlic and onions, which you would do from bulbs in the fall... we had actually considered moving over the winter so we didn't plant in the fall when we should have.  But for lettuce, radishes, carrots, and green beans, we decided to try planting from seed. In the bed with onions, garlic, and our lavender from last year we planted radishes and carrots. In the other bed we've planted beans and lettuce, and left some space to stagger our plantings throughout the summer. Yes, everything needs thinning.