Blog, meet my new dream pillow. Pillow, this is my blog.

I've had this pillow open in a tab on my computer since Sunday. It's safe to say I'm smitten. The fabric is Kelly Wearstler's Bengal Bazaar. Basically, if Ryan comes home from work this evening and says "They gave me a $10,000 bonus check today!" I will be ordering these pillows and redecorating our living room.

A new mouse-gray sofa, a citron wingback chair with charcoal piping, a brass end table. We'd keep our rug (I love it too much) and probably the coffee table. Then I'd have built-ins put in the corner to keep the tv, and an antique highboy for our board games and dvds to replace our current shelf.. And maybe move our ostrich print in too. I'd also pick up some chinoiserie pillows from the same shop, and maybe some peach and white striped pillows as well.

Ever find a decor item that spurs your design in a whole new direction? Don't worry, no rash decisions being made here - but it's fun to dream, isn't it?