Design shift

Yesterday I wrapped up another photo shoot of our home. I love photo shoots because the house looks SO good those days. Everything is sparkling and clean, books are styled and I always buy fresh flowers. And the rooms look so done. But if you know me at all, you'll know that a room in my house is never really done. Which is why I'm sharing these inspiration photos for the next design shift in our house. Tweaks and nips here and there to keep the design looking current and never, ever stale.

If we owned our apartment and could do anything, I'd gut our bathroom and copy this one tile for tile. LOVE that wallpaper and shower!

I'm still smitten with neutrals (so is Ryan) but I think we'll begin a shift toward more traditional furniture in our next phase. Someday we'll replace our bed to upgrade to a queen, and I'd love to diy an upholstered headboard like the one above. I'm also keeping my eyes open for antiques like the china hutch, dining table, and accent chairs. And while I don't think we'll be wallpapering anything any time soon, I'd like to bring in more pattern like the green leaves or the gray floral print.

Design on a tight budget can take longer, but it always inspires creativity!

Photos from: Making it Lovely, Rue Magazine, Trad Home, Amber Interior Design, and Lonny Magazine.