Happy weekend!

Well my friends, it's the end of another week! Is it strange that even though I'm now self-employed I still look forward to the weekend? Not as much as before, of course! It's probably because Ryan is home all day for two days. Love that guy. Speaking of Ryan, here we are LAST weekend. We snuck away with some friends for a camping trip and a jaunt up Mt. Rainier (driving jaunt, no hiking).

That was after two nights of camping, mind you. We're not looking our glamourous selves ;)

This weekend we're staying closer to home but lots of stuff coming up:

1. Tonight is all about party prep and baking but hopefully squeezing in an episode of The X Files (we're on season 2, yay netflix!)

2. Saturday is the memorial for a dear family friend, but I have a feeling it will be a true celebration of her life.

3. We then RUSH home to finish setting up for my End-Of-Job party that'll kick off in the evening. Some fabulous ladies are coming and I can't wait to see everyone gussied up!

4. Sunday I'm going to try to sleep in a little, but then we're meeting up with my blog buddy Jill who is visiting Seattle this weekend!

5. We might try to get some gardening in on Sunday but I'm kind of hoping for a lazy evening.

Any fun plans this weekend? It's looking kind of dreary here in Seattle, but I know it's boiling hot everywhere else! Popsicles, anyone?