New site design

Welcome to the new Maggie Rose! I'm very excited to debut this design, which I've had a vision of for a LONG time now. This is my new logo - simplified and clarified:

And it's even simpler cousin:


I wanted some continuity with the old design, so we used the same "Maggie Rose" (which, fun fact, is my handwriting!) but I needed to incorporate the "Interiors" directly.

Here's a reminder glimpse of the old site:

As you can see, things are a bit different. Let's take a quick tour.

Home Page: When you arrive, you'll find that the direct url takes you to my home page where you'll find links to my services, testimonials from past clients, and other goodies. The url for the blog itself (link is in the top menu) is

Top of the Page: The menu here takes you to the most important places. We have a new About page, a new Services Page (with a link to our newly revamped E-decorating services), the same portfolio (for now... work in progress), the blog, the store, and a brand-new contact page where you can message me directly.

The Blog: You'll notice that we're now only sharing partial posts on the main blog page. If a post looks interesting to you, just click through - at the bottom of each full post you'll find a "next post" button. The comments gave us a heck of a headache last night, but they seem to be working. Leave a comment and you'll find out! They are threaded, so you can now reply to other commenters and I can reply directly to you.  On the sidebar you'll find my sponsors - I'm choosing to only work with a limited number of sponsors that are directly related to decor, fashion and lifestyle. No more Google Ads. But I think you'll find great stuff when you click through. There's also a link to our home tour, which I'll have until we change enough stuff in our house that it's dated! You can also access the archives and browse by our most popular categories.

The Footer: One of my new favorite features is this new footer section at the bottom of every page. Instead of a blogroll (which I found tiresome to keep up) I'll be sharing my favorite blogs of the moment down here. Check them out! I'll be updating that regularly, as I'm always finding new and exciting blogs to share. I also have some of our most popular posts, so if you are new here, check them out. I'll probably update them from time to time for a little variety. And of course, in the lower right you can access my facebook page, twitter account, and subscribe to the blog using your RSS reader of choice.


I hope you enjoy the new site and poke around and read what's new. If you find any obvious bugs, just shoot me an email... we're still finding little things here and there. Thanks!