Dreaming of pink

Remember last week when I shared that I'd been antiquing recently? Well, I still find myself daydreaming about the furniture deals that I passed up (no need for them, no budget for them, etc). Want to see what they are were? This pink velvet sofa (the upholstery may have been new, it was in perfect condition). $500. FIVE HUNDRED.

That matching cane chair (bottom right corner) was sweet too. And the more I look at that cabinet in the background of the picture, the more I like it.

And this is almost exactly the thing I was looking for last summer when we opted to put up our floating shelves instead...

For only $225 and a little finagling into the Jeep, this could have been mine. Sigh.

So that's the decor that's been on my mind lately. How about you? Pass up any amazing deals lately (either that you regret or out of necessity... or both, like me)?