Happy birthday, Ryan!

Today is my sweetheart's 26th birthday! We celebrated last Saturday with a trip to the horse races. We'd never been, so it was fun to see how it all worked and see the amazing animals - athletes, really! We about broke even on our betting... made about $4 but we're trying not to spend it all in one place.

Some of my favorite things about Ryan: His sense of humor, how he likes to use his brain (especially for problem solving), his enthusiasm for design (graphic, product, computer... he appreciates something designed carefully and beautifully), his devotion to music, his love of cooking and good food, and his friendships. He is the steady and careful thinker to my impulsiveness, and the patient to my impatient. We can be complete dorks together and feel no ounce of embarrassment. And, our sweet Thisbe is a total "Daddy's girl" and loves cuddling up on Ryan. His lap is much preferred to mine. We're both lucky girls to have him. He has supported my career change from the beginning and that means more than he'll ever know.

I love you, honey! I hope you have a great day today. Happy birthday!