Ryan and I have been talking a lot lately about simplifying, uncluttering, and how to make our home fresh. I think part of that comes from it being summer. Everything about summer is light and carefree. Who wants to be burdened with STUFF during the summer?

We had a really interesting discussion about what furniture pieces we currently own that we each consider to be "must keeps". Some of them were out of necessity (i.e. we would love to get a new bed, including mattress, but it's not in the budget), but a few of them were for style or just because they're pieces we like. But other than a handful of items, we discovered that we're both not super attached to our furniture. For instance, if I found a killer deal on a chair or pair of chairs for the living room, we would be ok putting the bulky wingback chair on craigslist.

I've also been thinking a lot about decluttering - I know that here on the blog things look pretty streamlined and maybe even sparse. But we have a lot of stuff in closets and even on shelves that could go. Some stuff we never got rid of the "duplicates" when we moved in together - like our irons. We have two. We also have two toasters, and a coffee maker that we never use because we use the French Press. We use about 5 or 6 pans regularly but we probably own 10 (or more, yeesh!). Stuff like that.

My goal for our home is to one day have pieces that can evolve and mix and match and that we'll have for 30+ years. Not that we won't buy new things occasionally, but I love to see homes that have familiar looks even over decades. Timeless furniture that we love when we buy it and will move from home to home with us. I think a lot of us in our 20's have "filler" pieces. You need shelves, so you buy some at Ikea or Target (that's where our shelves are from!). Our sofa is a hand-me-down. And so on. So even as we simplify, I hope that we'll be able to move forward by making smart purchases that will last a lifetime. The purchasing will just be a little slower, because even buying second-hand, quality = cost (not to be confused with cost = quality, which isn't always true!).

How about you? Are you also seeing a shift in your purchasing habits? Are you still filling a starter apartment or are you looking to start upgrading your furniture to pieces you'll love? And are you taking steps to vanquish clutter (or do you want to start?)?

Photo from Lonny.