Big news!

This photo is about to be archived. Because....

We're moving!

We just found out yesterday that we were accepted to our new apartment building, only about a mile from where our current place is (perhaps you saw my excited tweets?).

While we have loved living here the last two years, it's the right time to find something new - our new apartment makes sense financially and also size-wise. We will be downsizing to a one-bedroom. I've felt for a while that our current place had just a little too much room for us. As in, I was coming up with furniture to buy just to fill space, not because we need the furniture. And we don't have a budget that allows that kind of activity (unfortunately). And with only one steady income again, our new apartment has not only lower rent, but also includes some utilities that we'd been paying in addition.

The downside? Parking by our new place sucks. Good thing we share a car!

Of course, downsizing means we'll be getting rid of loads of stuff (and that's ok - I'm ready for some redecorating). I'll be listing some items in a post next week that are shippable in case anyone wants to buy (my leaf curtains from the living room, for instance) and then I'll be posting details as they are finalized for a big yard sale for anyone who is local.

Oh, and if anyone is looking for a spacious two bedroom in the lovely Upper Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle and wants to move in in about 3 weeks (mid-August), shoot me an email (or contact me) for info about our place. We have a great landlord (and yard!).