Time to decorate!

Of course one of the things I'm excited for as part of the whole moving process is the redecorating part - a new space comes with new challenges and opportunities (the physical MOVING part is the not-as-exciting part). For instance, while I will not be hanging a giant painting over the window in the new bathroom (there is only a tiny window, for one thing), we will have a tub for the first time in 2 years. It's a clawfoot tub, so figuring out bath storage will be interesting. I like how Bailey of Peppermint Bliss added a sweet little table here for just the essentials (the dramatic curtains add some interest too!). I'll have to check the antique stores for something similar.

After feeling totally overwhelmed, I finally landed on a direction for the main living space. Our living, dining, and office will all be one (fairly cozy) space now, so it all needs to feel cohesive. We're bringing in some of our existing furniture, but will be replacing some pieces and adding some new elements to help what we do have adapt to the new location. Confused? Sorry - I wish I'd snapped pictures when we toured, but the current tenant's furniture is still there! Once we get keys I'll do a little video tour and should have a plan to unveil. In the meantime, I've ordered fabric swatches and I think I found chairs on craigslist... I have to get any painting projects done before we move! Spray-painting is about to become a major challenge with no outdoor space. Looks like I'll be switching the the brush soon! I still need to identify an accent color for the living room.

As for the bedroom, well, I have no direction and no main inspiration. Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend! We'll have potential tenants touring our apartment so you might see me at a coffee shop in Seattle if you're local. Either that or drooling over things at Pacific Galleries.

Photo from Rue.