No occasion tabletop

I don't have parties to tablescape for every night, but there's something sad and unfulfilled about an empty tabletop. How do you decorate your table for... no occasion at all? An assortment of glass bottles makes for an easy but stunning centerpiece, catching light and casting sparkles. Best of all, it's easy to dress up should you make last minute dinner plans. The array of vessels will look even more lovely with a few blooms- and spreading out a bouquet can make the most of your flower budget.

Clear glassware is something everyone has in their china cabinet, and probably their refrigerator, pantry or recycling bin as well. To create a cohesive but eclectic collection, stick to colorless glass and play with shape. My own collection includes vintage laboratory glass (a nod to my fiancé's chemistry career) a rescued vinegar bottle, a grim skull stopper, and flea market finds with personality (like the seltzer bottle that bears my name!). Even with such a simple tablescape, our style shines through!

Elizabeth Lockhart is an events & interiors stylist living in Berkeley, California with a mad scientist (her fiancé) and two bad cats (Matilda & Phineas). She delights in flea markets, curiosities, old-fashioned design, and blogging about all of the above at Shock the Bourgeois.