Yard sale info

Friends - if you're in Seattle, I hope you'll come by for our yard sale this Saturday! We'll have lots to get rid of (I'm sitting next to the growing pile as I type!), including decorative items, lots of books ($2 each), and furniture. I'd also love it if you said hi when you're here (I'll be the short one with red hair who is running around frantically).

Also, we are able to take all major credit/debit cards!

For privacy reasons (yup, even though we're moving out) I'm not posting the address publicly, but just shoot me an email (maggie AT maggieroseonline.com) and I'll send it your way. Better safe than sorry, right?

Here are some of the goodies we will be hauling out...

Bar cart (we'll be keeping the alcohol... with the rate of the move, I think we'll need it!)

Leaning bookshelves as well as two full shelves of books.

We're also finally cleaning out our kitchen duplicates and have a fully functioning small coffee maker, toaster, hand mixer, as well as pots and pans and some serving pieces.

Also, I'm putting my etsy shop on vacation mode and almost all those items will be up for grabs at lower than shop prices (long-distance readers, snag anything you want from there before Friday night!). The shop will be "on vacation" until we get settled.

There's more furniture and more decor waiting, and I've been throwing stuff in our FREE box too. Can't wait to see you Saturday!