Yard sale is complete!

Well folks, the yard sale was... an experience. All in all, we feel like it was pretty successful. We sold a bunch of the little stuff (at least half those books and almost everything on the "kitchen" table), but hardly any furniture. Would have liked to do both, but it was a tough crowd.

BUT after all that schlepping and pricing, we made a couple hundred bucks and thinned our "to be packed" list by quite a bit. Brought some of the non-sellers back in but mostly anything that didn't sell is on its way to the Goodwill donation site.

Some yard sale tips:

1. Get change, but you probably don't need more than $50 worth. Enough people bring small bills to sales that you'll have plenty of ones by the end of the first hour.

2. Advertise. A lot of our early traffic came from a post I put on craigslist with photos of some of the larger items.

3. Prepare to take less than you think it's worth. This isn't consignment, it's a yard sale. People don't want to pay squat.

4. BUT know your bargaining limit. I turned down a few buyers because I felt that their offers were insulting. The tax write-off from donating it to Goodwill would be worth more, honestly.

5. Offer incentives for browsing around. We had boxes of mini donuts out for free, as well as a well-labeled "free box" placed at the back corner of the yard.

6. Signs. We are lucky to be visible from the main drag, at least if you hang neon signs in the yard. Keep 'em simple. Ours just said "YARD SALE" and "ENTER on X Ave" (trying to get people to not use our crazy side stairs. Didn't work.). Plus the sign out front (above). I used black acrylic paint and big sheets of neon poster paper.

7. Get a helper. My bestie Sara came to help and saved us with coffee!


P.S. If you're local and you were interested in any of the furniture I posted (we have shelving, the wingback, an Ikea Poang chair, more shelving, a little nightstand, Ryan's big desk, a wooden coffee table, and our dining set left), we still need to sell it by the 6th. Let me know if you want details or want to come look at anything!