Out shopping

We popped into TJ Maxx the weekend before last and I just had to snap a few pictures with my phone of all the fun stuff I found for the home. Since Seattle doesn't have a Home Goods (so sad!) I scour HG's sister store's home section with a fury. It's where I found our bedroom lamps earlier this year. Here goes (I can't remember prices on most of these, sorry).

A little zebra print action.

These reminded me of what you'd find at Brocade Home (but for way, way less).

Geodes are hot right now (although I've always loved them and probably will in another 30 years).

I was on the fence on this lamp. It looked a little cheap, but I think a great new silk shade would help.

These were kind of silly (and were $150 each - the most expensive chairs there), but I think they'd be fun in a teen's rocker themed bedroom at a pair of desks, maybe?

A woven version of the ceramic garden stool. I love to add natural elements to a design.

This was a little apron. Loved it (would have removed the bow). Got home and realized it reminded me of one of the swatches I had ordered for the living room! No wonder I was drawn to it :)

See anything you love? Found a great deal at TJ Maxx or Home Goods recently? Some of it can be cheesey, but I always check anyway. You never know when you'll find the perfect thing at a crazy low price.

P.S. I didn't receive any compensation for this post - I really do shop there and think you can find awesome stuff!