Pro & Con

I thought I'd share a little bit of what is guiding my thought process in decorating the new apartment (besides being almost 300 square feet smaller than our new place). And I wish I had a photo of the new apartment! Soon!



1. One main living area. Ok, this could be a "con" I suppose, but I'm kind of excited to tackle this "problem". For one thing, our dining room has always made me crazy with how big and awkward it is/was because of the walkways to the kitchen and living areas. I wanted books in the living room but they fit better in the dining room. I want to watch a movie and Ryan's on his (desktop) computer in the other room and I still want to chat with him. Granted, this is where a lot of our "discard furniture" came from because we're squeezing three previous rooms into one. But I also am starting over with the color scheme, etc and that's exciting.

Whew, that was long, sorry.

2. Kitchen character. I love a kitchen with some personality. We have pretty glass cabinets in the new kitchen and I can't wait to style them, as well as a window over the sink that will be needing a custom treatment. AND it has checkerboard flooring (black and white). Cute! Despite being a bit smaller than the old kitchen we can still fit our butcher block island in. Score.

3. Big bedroom. Even though the apartment is smaller, the bedroom is at least as big, if not bigger, than our current bedroom. Thanks, great layout design! We also will have two closets, so I can keep mine as messy as I like if I keep the door closed (yes, I'm the slob, Ryan's the neat one).

4. Built-in seat in bedroom. I have yet to see this, because the previous tenants had stuff heaped on it, but we're told there is a little built-in seat between the closets and under the bedroom window.

5. Clawfoot tub + big bathroom. The bathroom is at least twice the size of our current one, but it's long and narrow (also with checkerboard floors). I'm excited for some romantic drapery around the tub. I also put "bubble bath" on my Must Buy for the New Apartment list. We've lived with a tiny shower for two years so I'm excited.



1. Clawfoot tub (so says Ryan). He doesn't like the way the curtains wrap around and whatnot. Hopefully we will find a way!

2. Can't paint. The walls are luckily neutral, but they are a darker kind of tan than I would choose for myself. If I HAPPEN to spill some paint on the walls in the bedroom they would be white. Wouldn't do crazy colors - the bedroom could use some lightening up, but that might have been the effect from the previous tenant's blanket they had tacked up over the window blinds. Umm, they make these things called curtains.... maybe I should have left my card.

3. Less storage space. We did rent out a storage area in the basement of the building to stow things like Christmas decorations and camping gear. But it won't be as convenient.

4. Laundry is in the basement. As it was/is in the current apartment... only in a larger apartment building I have to walked all the way through the boiler room and to the other side of the building. Plus it's coin-operated. Bonus though - it's way less creepy than our current dark spider-lair of a basement. High ceilings and white walls. Where are my quarters...?


I'm going to try my hand at shooting a little video tour to share with you guys as soon as we get the keys. Should be it's own adventure as I figure out how to edit the video...

Photo: Not our kitchen but similar floors. From Dress Design Decor (one of my faves!)