Shop Zara

While Seattle is (I think) considered a major metropolitan city of the US, we seem to be last on the list for great stores, especially clothing. When I heard about the store Zara I was heartbroken to find out that the nearest one is in San Francisco... that is, unless I want to cross the Canadian border. Even more devastating was that they didn't offer online shopping for U.S. customers... until now! Starting September 7th, I won't even have to advocate for Zara to open in Seattle... after all, shopping from home in your pj's can be so much better sometimes.

Here are pieces I'm eying from the website now (won't be shoppable until next month).

Oooh I can't wait to shop for fall clothes! Anything at Zara catch your eye? Or do you already have a store in your town and aren't excited about the online shopping?