New Apartment Tour

Ok, readers, be patient with me. In honor of our move (and my 700th post! This one!) I wanted to debut using video occasionally on the blog. Fun, right?!

It's a little harder than I thought... and since I know you want to see the new place, I'm not going to hold out on you just because the video isn't perfect (plus, I forgot to take still pictures... I know, bad blogger). So please, I KNOW it's amateur and it's kinda rough. You may get motion sickness because I'm walking around the whole video, sorry! I also meant to add a title but couldn't get it to work last night. So be it. Figured out the title! Not the tiny tiny size (watch it here for "full size" but it's still small!)

Here's the video (I hope you enjoy!):

Uptown Apartment Tour from Maggie Morgan on Vimeo.

The apartment already looks VERY different, as we have six pickup truck loads of furniture and boxes here, as well as several car trips of lamps and pictures and clothing.... but we're getting settled. Next week I'll be sure to share some pics with the nice camera!

P.S. I call the bathroom sink a pedestal sink when clearly it is wall-mounted and not on a pedestal. I blame Moving Induced Brain Mush.