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Guest Post: Vintage Collections


My blog bestie Jackie is filling in today (she's the Lucy to my Ethel!). Take it away, J!

Hello Maggie Rose readers!  My name is Jackie, and I author the lifestyle blog Sweetie Pie Style.  Maggie and I met through blogging many, many moons ago, and I count her as one of my nearest and dearest.  I'm happy to be here guest-posting for her as she settles in to her new abode-which I cannot wait to see how she decorates!  Since Maggie and I both share a passion for vintage I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage collections into your home.

Vintage scarves are so beautiful, and what a great way to really showcase their designs.  A few simple frames is all it takes to add big impact to your wall.

These vintage hat forms make a bold sculptural statement when grouped together against a dark background.

Vintage scales can make an interesting design element.  Paired with a pile of old books on top, you have yourself a vintage double whammy!

Here we have a wide variety of vintage  wares used as storage-everything from an old tool box, dresser drawers, crates and card catalogs make this functional space anything but boring.

A menagerie of colorful glass bottles makes for a fun way to brighten up a corner of your space.

What I love most about vintage collections is that you really can't go wrong.  Just find something you love and go for it!  It's always fun to have a certain something that you are always on the hunt for, so if you don't already have one, I hope this post has given you some inspiration on starting a collection of your own.