Guest Post: DIY Drawer Liners

Thanks to Aimee of Fancy Little Things and byAimee for sharing a fun and easy DIY project today! We're busy unpacking and getting settled - and I'm catching up on email and some client work as well! Take it away, Aimee!

So, how many of you have ever purchased drawer liners for yourself? You know those expensive, scented ones that come rolled up in the long box with a pretty bow & label attached. I know I have certainly purchased them --- but ALWAYS FOR GIFTS, NEVER FOR MYSELF!!! I admire those of you that have spent between $20-$30 on a package of these, trimmed to size and put in your own drawers --- I just can't bring myself to doing it!

While I was flipping through 1 of my many favorite magazines preparing for this month's projects, I came across this page of "Things to do This Month" in March 2011's issue of Better Homes & Gardens. {Pardon the folded mess - but it's been tucked inside an envelope in my "Projects Journal"}

& when I first glanced at this page, I pulled it out thinking it was part of a drawer liner tutorial... this is when I glanced to the bottom left corner of the page and saw this:

Yes, do you see that price? $25 for a set of 6?? Do you know how many rolls of white paper I can buy for $25??!!!

So, onward we must go --- to the very tutorial that will save you lots of money & you'll have plenty of money to purchase a fancy bow to give this project to a friend!!

DISCLAIMER {before we begin}: Make sure you use paper ink only for stamping and let your paper dry overnight before use. I do not claim any responsibility for the ink passing to your clothing or other items!

List of Materials:

  • Paper roll... I used the kids Melissa & Doug Easel Paper, but have seen paper rolls for $1 at the Christmas Tree Shoppes!
  • Ink {I purchased mine for .60 a piece by using a coupon at AC Moore}
  • Stamp {I LOVE this stamp - again, used another coupon and purchased for $6. --- will use for MANY more projects}
  • Measuring tape, scissors, pen

If you want to add scent...

  • Scented oil
  • Cotton swabs


Step 1: Measure the drawer you wish to line --- dresser drawer, utility drawer, closet or desk drawer! Measure the drawer size leaving two inches extra on each end for folding. Mark at the 2 inch march and fold under {this will help the liner from rolling under as you stamp & place in your drawer.

Step 2: Decide on a pattern and begin stamping. Press lightly on the ink pad and have fun...

Step 3: Let the paper liner hang or lay flat to let it dry overnight...

Step 4: Go on to the next drawer...

Step 5: Once the paper has dried overnight, rub your hand over the ink to be sure its set... then, place it in your drawer {or roll it up, add some ribbon & a tag and gift to a friend}.

Step 6: Dab some oil on the cotton swabs and place under the corner of your drawer liner.

Step 7: ENJOY!!! I love how the drawer liners look in my bedroom dresser... off to make some for my desk drawers!!!!

Let me know what you think by commenting below.