We're moved!

Well we're officially moved into our new place and are slowly but surely getting settled. We've made three (or four?) trips to Home Depot, including one aisle in particular on each trip. Thisbe is adjusting well - leading up to the move and now in our new place, her curiosity kept her from being too stressed.

Even when her "parents" (yes, that's Ryan and me) were both getting stressed and our dining room looked like this!

(We also bought boxes from Home Depot, they just got packed first!)

On Saturday we had finished cleaning and painting in the old house and turned in our keys. A bittersweet moment for us both. We had a lovely two years there, and it was the first place we had together that we made into a home. But we're excited for our new apartment and ready to get things put away. We're about 99% unpacked (just two straggler boxes that I can find) but that means that not everything has a home (read: no horizontal surface is clear)... so the only photo I have for you of the new place is the bathroom.

It is at least unpacked and mostly put away, but we've only barely started decorating. We scored the shower curtain(s) at Target and I liked how they tied into the floor. I'll be bringing in some more color at some point but we're taking it slow. Lots of other crucial purchases (like a dining table and chairs!) first.

Can't wait to share more with you!

P.S. You'll also noticed that I added a new tag so that besides "our house" you'll now also be able to find posts just about our new "Uptown apartment".