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New and old


Now that we've moved I feel a little more comfortable showing you the outside of our old house. Our unit was the top floor.

I was reflecting over the weekend that this move has broken my track record from an old-to-new lifelong housing swap. Meaning, I alternate between new(ish) construction and old (100 year +) homes each time I've moved. This is the first move where I've moved from an old to an old. Let's recap, just for fun!

Birth-18: Parents' home, which they built. It's the same age as me. NEW.

College dorm, freshman year: I lived in the oldest building on campus that originally held the entire college in it's walls. 1890. OLD.

College dorm, sophomore year: I lived in some of the new(er) buildings, mid-century. NEW.

Off-campus house, with roomates, junior and senior year: An old house that had more bedrooms added at some point. Original house where my bedroom was... 1890. OLD.

Bachelorette Pad: New construction condo building in Tacoma, early 2000's. NEW.

Queen Anne House: My first home with Ryan. 1907. OLD.

And the pattern breaker... our Queen Anne Uptown apartment: 1908. OLD.