Warm/cool balance

One of the things I've become increasingly aware of is the warm and cool balance of a room in terms of color tones. Especially noticeable in our new home because the walls are a warm creamy beige and the floors are wood. Both warm, especially in the evening with our overhead light (we are in search of better lighting - more on that soon!) Since we moved in we added our jute rug (warm) and our light brown/tan sofa (more warm), and a orangey-wood Ikea Billy bookcase (yep, warm). Luckily, our white desk and new white vintage chairs (more on THOSE coming soon too!) read as clean and cool and offset some of the warmth, but we need to add some true cool tones to the room.

Today I'm ordering fabric for drapes and for our vintage chairs (they are currently cushionless and are serving no purpose whatsoever).

Here is the drapery fabric:

I'm also ordering a beautiful navy blue velvet for the chairs. Mmm, so pretty.

I also hope to reupholster new dining chairs... but we haven't chosen any yet. We are picking up our dining table (Ikea) tomorrow hopefully, so we'll have to make a decision soon.

Also on the to-be-purchased list...

Rug for bedroom

Rug for hallway

Drapes for bedroom


Desk chair

A few new art pieces

Fabric to recover window seat cushion

Mirrors for bedroom wall

More kitchen storage (this may be an ongoing theme....)

Supplies for a DIY concerning the orangey-wood Billy bookcase


Ok, feeling poor just reading that. Have a great weekend!