Apartment "Before" pictures

Ok lovies, be kind. I finally got around to snapping some photos of the apartment with all of our STUFF in it. We've made a huge amount of progress (you should have seen it a week ago!) but things are still finding homes, tabletops are covered, and every cord is in disserray. Still, I want to share some of what we're looking forward to now that our new place is finally feeling like home.

Our bedroom (still have no solid design scheme in mind here):

Thank God the coffee stuff found a home right away:

The living room (I'm sitting on the couch to take this). Hallway to the left, kitchen to the right (window is also to the right):

A new acquisition:

Sneak peek at project to come soon!

A bunch more photos are over on my facebook page. Do you "like" Maggie Rose Interiors yet?