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Hi dolls, First of all, can you believe it is September?! Time flies, but fall is my favorite season so I'm ready for temperatures to mellow out and to don scarves and tights and drink pumpkin spice lattes!

So sorry to be slacking on the posts this week, but you know that when things are quiet on the blog it's because things are brewing in the background! I'm putting finishing touches on two designs, just started another, and Ryan's best friend is moving just three blocks from us and I'll be tackling his bachelor pad (luckily he has great style!). More on that project later.

Around the apartment not much has changed. Items shuffling around. But I'm getting ready to tackle upholstering my two new chairs. We still don't have dining chairs so I'm hoping that these will work for a few more weeks until we find the perfect thing. I'm also studying up on how to sew pinch-pleat drapes - it involves a lot of math, apparently! I have the beginnings of a plan for the bedroom design but nothing firm yet... we need a rug, so likely that will dictate the direction.

Next up though, a fun little makeover I'm tackling this weekend in the bar area. I think it will add a ton of personality to the room. Then everything else will need to catch up!

And of course, I have several juicy posts in the works but they're all half-written and keep getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. They are coming, I promise!