No drawers

I mentioned on twitter when we first moved in that we were surprised to realize that there were no drawers in our new kitchen. Not a single one. Perhaps I was too in love with the glass-front cabinets to look below the counter? A few trips to Storables and Ikea and we're back in the storage business. Here's how we're wrangling all that "small stuff" like silverware and measuring cups...

The silverware is stored in a silverware caddy we found at Crate and Barrel. I'd toyed with the idea of using mason jars and a vintage wire milk carrier, but I really just wanted it to tuck out of sight and not take up space (our counter space is very limited as well).

The flatware is in three slots on the left. On the right we store odds and ends like cheese spreaders, tea steeping spoons, chopsticks, etc.

Directly below, in the cupboard, we made the most out of our two shelves by adding a storage shelf to the top shelf. The top is the perfect size for wax paper and cling wrap, and below it we have plenty of room to store baking pans. To the left on the top shelf we store our pan lids in dividers.

The bottom shelf had enough room for some drawers (see more below).

These drawers are actually designed as sweater drawers for a closet, but the measurements were perfect for our 11 inch tall shelf. The top drawer holds measuring and baking-type equipment. The bottom drawer holds graters, Ryan's immersion blender, and attachments for the Kitchen Aid. Rubber lining keeps things from slipping around inside the plexiglass drawers.


We had these bamboo drawer organizers from the last house, and we used them again to corral smaller items.

And finally, over the stove we added a metal shelf and a magnetic strip for knife storage. Eventually we'd also like a small shelf/table here for our canister of spatulas, etc, but for now they are only feet away on our kitchen island (directly opposite this photo). We're still on the hunt for a cute basket to hold the dishtowels, but they will live up there. We opted for magnetic knife storage because we didn't want to take up counter space with a knife block (and we would have had to purchase one anyway).

Have you ever faced a similar storage problem? I'll admit, this threw us for a loop, but a few weeks in and it feels very natural.