When I saw this pretty upholstered bed over on Home Decorators, I wanted to create a room around it. And since I don't have any clients with bedroom work (yet!), I whipped this up for fun instead. Although if you want to hire me to redecorate your bedroom, you can email me!  




This bedroom is definitely feminine and would make a great master bedroom for a single lady or a sweet guest room. I love that it works in tones of blues and grays until you get to that pop of a dresser (I'd switch out the knobs for lucite and chrome). I debated on the bedside lamps, but I went with this more masculine version to keep the room from being too sweet. Sure, you'd EXPECT a pale blue ginger jar shaped lamp, or even a white cut-out chinoiserie, but you don't expect the shine and sharp edges you find here, much less a black shade. It works though, because of it's overall classic shape that ties it back into the other furnishings.

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