Allison's living room

I recently wrapped up a fun little project that was two rooms for a local client. We spent a few hours one day rearranging her entry and talking over ideas, then I came home and pulled together a design board for her other room, the living room. Allison's main concern was that the rooms gained a sense of cohesion and felt like there was some kind of plan behind the furnishings and textiles, rather than the mish-mash she had from buying and inheriting pieces over the years. She said the rooms didn't feel like "her" so I tried to incorporate many items she had that she liked and then just filled in the gaps.

Here's the design board for the living room:

Allison has some beautiful rugs and art from her mother's travels, and I wanted to make them feel purposeful even though Allison's general design sense is fairly traditional. It was a special way to honor her mother. Both rooms needed color. Here, the living room will be mostly neutral except for bringing in some mustard yellow and red. A space that we planned to open up by moving an armoire to the entry frees up room to have hidden storage in a vintage dresser with a mirror above to lighten up a dark corner.

I can't wait to show you pictures of the entry when Allison finishes up some of the next steps. It's a huge room (before the previous owner's remodel, it was the garage) with high ceilings, skylights, and tons of space. But it was serving little to no purpose and felt stark and empty. After laying down a rug and making plans for all the furniture, it was well on its way to looking fabulous.

I'm accepting Seattle area clients for the fall. Now is a great time to start your design if you want to debut your new look at your holiday party or for the new year (custom-built and ordered pieces may take longer). Let's get started!