Laurie's Nursery

I had so much fun pulling together this non-conventional nursery for my client Laurie and her husband. They are expecting a little boy but wanted to steer clear of powder blue. The room also had to accommodate a double size guest bed (and place to crash after late-night feedings). We went for a sophisticated palette of charcoal, navy, and orange with just a touch of yellow.

In my search for a glider for the room, I realized what most of you mom's probably know: Gliders are UGLY. Sure, you can find cute(ish) gliders but they will be 10-20 times the cost of a basic glider. In Laurie's case, she has a toddler and needs the glider to be stationary at times to avoid pinching little fingers and toes, ruling out many of the fancier "chair-like" gliders. So this is my memo to Babies R Us and children's furniture manufacturers: Can you please make highly functioning gliders that don't look like something you'd find in a diaper? And offer color options beyond PINK and BABY BLUE? And not price them over $1500?

To combat the standard-issue glider situation, I suggested that Laurie dress it up by tossing a sheepskin over the back and over the ottoman. Other options (if you want to spend a little more) would be having it reupholstered or having a custom cushion made with your choice of fabric.

I don't disclose all the shopping sources on the blog (not fair to my clients) but I do want to do a shout-out for fellow blogger and artist, Lindsay, who makes the customized ABC print seen above. Such a sweet touch for a child's room.