Caught red... er, blue-handed

Slowly but surely things are coming together in our new place. I'm hoping to have a few things wrapped up this weekend (and tidied up) to take updated pictures and/or a new video tour. You know, now that I know which way to hold the camera (aka Ryan's iPhone). Anyway, this print was one of my first decor purchases for the new apartment. We hadn't even moved in yet. We both love that it's kind of cheeky and retro... she has the most fantastic sneer. Fast-forward six weeks later and Wednesday night I made myself a drink, put on some episodes of "Felicity" and busted out my craft paint to make this Ikea mat navy blue instead of cream (that was just blending into the walls). I think the navy makes the picture pop a bit more, plus it ties into the living room (err, when I get those curtains done anyway). It took 5 or 6 thin coats of acrylic paint, maybe half of a small bottle? This is in our entry hallway.

This hallway is REALLY hard to photograph. No natural light except the kitchen window, which of course put a big glare in the middle of the picture. I have some plans for it though - a Turkish runner, maybe a new table (or finally FINALLY skirt this one), and I need to find a mirror for last-minute-out-the-door checks.

This post gets the "most parenthetical post ever" award.