Seattle rocks!

I love living in Seattle! I can't imagine Ryan and I living anywhere else right now. For us, it's a really great combination of being "in the city" while being so close to nature and the beautiful Puget Sound. I love living near the water. A walk out overlooking the Sound or a ferry trip is a great way to calm my nerves.

This photo is a rarely-pictured vantage point of the city, as the Sound is barely pictured (it's the water just right of the city). From here, you can see the lakes that surround the city.  Lake Union just "below" the city and that silvery mass on the left is Lake Washington. Our apartment is near the VERY right edge of the photo near the middle. And of course, the majestic Mt. Rainier in the distance is a stunning sight when the cloud cover lifts. I borrowed the photo from King 5 News's facebook page.

Some of my favorite things about Seattle:

1. The scenery. Mountains, lots and lots of green (thanks, rain!), waterfront... I even like the rainy days. Bonus: it doesn't usually get too hot in the summer.

2. It's pretty small. Even with traffic it only takes about 30 minutes to get to any given part of the city from where we are (driving, anyway).

3. We're entrepreneurial. There are a ton of start-ups and solo-preneur businesses. People say "oh, wow," when I tell them I quit my job to start a business, but it's not so unheard of.

4. Creativity abounds. People are passionate about art, culture and history, and music. That said, I wish there was a more active design blogging community here.


Misconceptions about Seattle:

1. "It rains constantly." It really doesn't. Yes, it rains a lot... but we get less annual rainfall than New York! We just get ours spread out. Gray skies from October to June, usually. But it makes you appreciate a beautiful clear day in November!

2. "It's grungy and outdoorsy." In fashion magazines, we're always depicted as wearing oversize flannel (that was 20 years ago, people!) and hiking boots. We have some "free spirits" here (what city doesn't?) but for the most part, I think Seattle stays pretty current with trends. HOWEVER, people just don't get as dressed up here - don't expect to see Chanel and Manolos on 5th Ave. As for the hiking boots, we don't all trek out to the wilderness when the clock hits 5. I have never gone backpacking, or snowboarding or rock climbing, or biking. I have gone kayaking (on flat water only, no white water for me!).

3. "You're obsessed with coffee." Ok, that one might be true. But not all are Starbucks devotees... in fact, you can get into a pretty heated debate about what coffee shops you prefer (I tend to avoid the subject... if you serve caffeine, I'm an equal-opportunist!).

4. "You're all better-than-everyone-hipsters." Hey, we're hip, but we're not Portland. Just kidding (kind of).

Anyone else living in Seattle and love it like I do? Ever traveled to Seattle? Or do you think my points are totally off-base and Seattle sucks (just say it nicely, please...)