Client Project: Erin's everything-room!

I may prefer a subdued and mostly neutral palette for my own apartment, but I love to dive into color for the right client. Erin has a love for exotic textiles and jewel-tones, and when she hired me to carve out space in their living room for a new arrival, I had a lot of fun.

Erin was worried that her love of different textiles, colors and styles might compete in a small space that had to cover many functions (living room, dining room, guest room, home office, and nursery - that's New York for you!). Personally I think variety only adds character, but I did dial back on some of the different colors and tried to stick to purples, golds, and navy for the base pieces. The existing sofa is already navy. For a desk solution (Erin wanted an extra-deep desk) we're going DIY with Ikea legs and a plywood top with a pop of fuchsia.

Here's the floor plan (pretend the rug in the diagram is actually that chevron rug, above):

Luckily they don't use the door in the corner, so we were able to block it with the sofa (it's currently blocked by a desk). The baby area is in the back corner. Erin will use the navy curtains hung from the ceiling to block light to that corner during naptime (when they're all open it will look like a special little tent!) and the dresser (bottom middle) can be used for baby stuff while the top could be used as a buffet for a party. We also are bringing in extra seating because along with babies come lots of visitors!

Thanks, Erin and her husband for stretching my space-planning skills and for letting me go a little crazy with color. Erin's a photographer so hopefully we'll see after pictures soon!