7 signs you need to hire a decorator

Photo from Lonny.

Want your home to look like this? Well, that might be one sign that you need to hire a decorator, but there are other signs as well.

1. Every furniture item in your living room/dining room/bedroom is from the same store, or even comes from the same collection. Every wood tone is identical, your accent chairs are the same fabric as your sofa, you have matched bedding that came in any kind of "bag" that has a pattern. The way your home is decorated should say something about YOU and the other people that live there... besides just the fact that you shop at Pottery Barn. A mix of family heirlooms, antiques, a modern piece mixed in with a few basic traditional pieces is a lot more interesting... and says something about what interests you and where you come from.

2. Your home is a mish-mash of hand-me-downs and Ikea furniture with no plan. Nothing feels cohesive or planned and it may look like you just moved in. I know, this sounds counter-intuitive to #1. But a decorator can help unify a variety of pieces using color, texture, scale, and fabrics.

3. You recently went through a major life change but your home doesn't reflect that at all. Maybe you just moved in with your new spouse but none of your things match. You just had a baby but nothing is kid-safe (or you put EVERYTHING in storage until your kid is in college because you don't want them to trash it). You're an empty nester or are widowed and want to downsize. Getting an outside opinion can be a wonderful resource and make sure your home fits the lifestyle that you now have (often still reusing or repurposing items you already own).

4. Your "inspiration" binder for your home has everything from French chateaus to mid century modern to bold colors and all-white. You love design, you have some great pieces, but you worry that everything you love won't go together or be "too much". A decorator will help you narrow down your vision a little bit, edit out some elements, but also show ways of mixing your interests in a cohesive way.

5. You haven't redecorated in 20 years and feel like everything could stand to look a little "fresher" and up-to-date. This is a fun project, because often we can update fabrics and bring in a few new pieces while keeping the majority of the design in-tact. Lampshades and drapes are the quickest to age, so freshening those up can do a lot.

6. You just don't have the time or desire to tackle decorating but you want a beautiful and relaxing space to come home to. Let someone else do the work!

7. You fell in love with a specific fabric/dresser/light fixture, etc in a magazine or online but it has that pesky "to the trade" notation instead of telling you where to buy it. Don't expect a decorator to be just an ordering service, but we do have access to items that are hard (or expensive) to order on your own.


If the decorator you want to hire is me (thank you!) you can contact me here. I'm currently accepting local Seattle area-clients and e-design clients from around the globe.