Bachelor Pad "Before"

This is the space we're working with for Matt's one-bedroom. Two open spaces pretty similarly sized, one with pocket doors and one with no door in the entrance to the room. Pocket doors connect the two spaces. Large closet (I'm jealous), small kitchen, small bathroom with a claw foot tub. Decently sized entry/hallway. New (looking) blond laminate wood floors. Lots of potential. slidersliderslidersliderslider

Matt had originally put the bed in the front room and the couch and tv in the back, but after a few nights of hearing the exterior back door slam on the other side of the wall behind his headboard, we made the switch to have the bed in the backroom. Already the arrangement is working much better, but we did have to make some unorthodox decisions to make that happen (including blocking one of the sets of pocket doors). And it also means there is no closing door to his bedroom, but we have a fun (and retro-tastic) idea for that little problem.

I'll share an update of how the floorplan is shaping up next week (and maybe some snapshots of Matt's existing furniture).

P.S. I'm trying out a new setting with the photos in this post. Let me know if you have any issues, or what you think!