Cocktail glasses

One of my favorite things to shop for is cocktail glasses for a bar. I always seem to stumble upon sets of four or six or eight that are quirky and beautifully detailed when I'm out running through the antique shops. Luckily (unluckily?) we have a very small bar area and very little cupboard space, so usually I can save my money. Because otherwise we would have sets and sets! As part of the bachelor pad project, I've gotten to shop for cocktail glasses for the bar. I always check etsy when I'm shopping for anything vintage, and was amazed at the variety of beautiful glasses. Not all of them are right for my client, however, so I thought I'd share some of the spoils with you. Look at these beautiful options! Someone please snap some of these up (click on the photos to view listings)!

Some of the gold is fading but I love the various shades of blue. $16.

You could repurpose these as candleholders if you're not a drinker. $19

These are ridiculously charming. Such a gorgeous classic touch! $32

Roadrunners! Looks like one is pretty damaged, but there are still four in tact. $26

This gold and red Moroccan-esque set comes with an ice bucket. $62.50

This is the set I really wanted for the bachelor pad but they're out of our price range. So cheeky - the ladies are (ahem) naked on the reverse. $90

Can't go wrong with a classic tortoise shell look. $24

Very Palm Beach. Pretty caning look and monochromatic. Looks like great texture! $15.85

These teal beauties might just be my favorite. What a beautiful color they'd bring to the bar! $48

To search for these on etsy and ebay, I use search terms like "cocktail", "tumbler", "bar glasses", "highball" and of course, "Mad Men" (although that will get you results of practically anything manufactured between 1940 and 1985).

As you can see, the paint can become damaged, so if you pick up any of these pretty pieces, be sure to treat them well! Don't let them sit in direct sunlight or they will fade, and don't put them in the dishwasher! Hand-washing a few glasses once in a while is worth the style and charm they'll bring to your entertaining.