Visual Acoustics

One evening last week Ryan and I watched "Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Schulman". It is a documentary about the photographer Julius Schulman who is renowned for his work on modern architecture. He is responsible for shooting the work of many prominent Los Angeles architects in the early mid-century. Perhaps you'll recognize this, one of his most famous photos:

Schulman helped put Los Angeles architecture on the map. It was fascinating to see him (in his 90s at the time of filming) still able to visit and remember shooting homes from decades earlier. His archive of film and photographs has helped with the restoration of many of these buildings and preserve the memory of any that have since been torn down.

Schulman passed away in 2009. But his work lives on through books, museums (his archives are owned by the Getty), and this excellent film. We streamed it on Netflix, and if you're even mildly interested in modern architecture, you'll find it fascinating. We're adding a Julius Schulman coffee table book to our art-book wish list.

I've been adding more documentaries to our Netflix queue lately (Ryan has always liked them, I'm a recent convert). Are there any you've seen recently that you'd recommend? I'll have to do a round-up of good ones we've seen...