The "layered" look

I like to describe the Maggie Rose Interiors "look" as being "layered and collected over time."  Well one person's "layered" may be another person's "piles of clutter" so I thought a visual example might be helpful.

This photo from Lonny Magazine, is a wonderful example of what I consider a layered room. There is always something new and interesting to look at. I love that the two chairs near the fireplace are staggered in height, from different eras and entirely different styles. The leather is classic traditional but a little worn around the edges. The striped chair is delicate and sweet with what look like rolled arms and spindle legs... verging on Shabby Chic. All three tables are modern, the rug is traditional and worn, the painting is modern. I love the mixture of pillows. The curtains are simple and let the architecture stand out (the brass rods are decidedly "now"). And there are little striped window seats that look like the chair fabric again.

Tips for gathering a layered room? Don't spend all your money in one place - literally. Buy from different sources. At least some of your furniture should be more than 30 years old. Have at least one really modern piece. Worn antique rugs look better than reproductions. Don't have a prescribed "color palette" - meaning steer clear of "matching" everything to two or three colors. BORING! There should be variety in tones, texture, and color. Add some black. Have some art or accessories on display that have an interesting backstory. Repeat a fabric somewhere.

Happy layering!

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