ChicShop lamp finials

When I closed the etsy shop a few weeks ago (more on that here), I hadn't sold the cork lamp yet. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because I now decided to use it in our own apartment near the desk. It still needs a shade, and the harp is gold while the lamp has a lot of silver so it needs some paint, and the finial is a weird little plastic thing. A fini-what??


I'm probably going to go with a plain black shade, but I thought it would fun to spice up the finial with something interesting. As usual, I checked ebay and etsy, and stumbled on the etsy shop ChicShop that sells all kinds of beautiful finials. Some are Asian-inspired, but my favorites looked like natural rocks and gems.

Check these out:

Aren't they just lovely? There are all kinds, and they are all beautiful! They run about $50-75. Not cheap, but just the special touch a lamp might be looking for! Go check 'em out!

Here's my cork lamp (for a little refresher!):

Psst! You can find the artichoke lamp above at Stray Dog Designs.