This weekend we checked out the new West Elm store (which is HUGE) and I had lots of fun looking through so many things that I recognize from the website but had a totally new appreciation for in person. I hadn't ever really noticed the bathroom accessories before, but in person they were quite lovely and not "cheap" like at a big box store. We have most of the basics down in our bath (shower curtain, soap dispenser, etc) and we can't change out any of the fixtures. But I'd love a chance to decorate a bathroom. Just look at these pretty inspiration shots:

So anyone with a bathroom that needs a makeover? I'm dying to tackle one. Let's do one with cosmetic changes only - look at what a difference you can make with some paint, art, fun towels, and bringing in some non-bathroom furniture. Or heck, let's do some tiling and replace the sink, reglaze the tub and upgrade to a dual flush eco-friendly toilet. Just no tearing out walls or moving pipes. You can do a lot before it comes to that.

E-decorating available too! Email me!

Photos from Lonny, House and Home, A Life's Design, Arianna Belle, Lonny.