New video tour

I learned a TON after filming my first "vlog" (video blog), a tour of our apartment right after getting the keys. Like, which way to hold the camera, ha! Now that  we've been here for a little over two months (crazy!), I thought an updated tour was in order. You've seen some still photos on the Maggie Rose facebook page, but it's easier to get a sense of space in video. AKA how small it really is. It's just over 4 minutes (I tried to walk slowly!) and for those of you watching at your desks at work, you don't NEED the audio to get a sense of what's going on. Just keep in mind that my big plans and vision for the apartment take time and money, so this is really just the first layer - mostly items from our old apartment but in new places and with new uses!. It is by no means finished or fully decorated.



Well, what'd you think?