Our bedroom

I'm reserving the right to change my mind, but I have been working on some tentative ideas for our bedroom. I never really got to decorate our bedroom how I wanted in our last apartment - it always seemed to be last on the list. And it's last here too, but it may get some attention sooner rather than later (aka we're putting some items on our Christmas lists). Here's the room in August (it's cleaner now but nothing else has changed):

And here's what's been kicking around in my head:

The black and white is the rug. The floral pattern on the left is fabric for the headboard, in the shape next to it - it will be quite a bit higher than the current headboard to take up wall space. The shimmery pattern on the upper right is meant to simulate what I want for a roman shade for the window... I can't find a picture of the fabric I want online (it's a Chinoiserie print in a similar color). I'm liking the diamond pattern below for the window seat cushion. Likely there will be pillows to match the shade and headboard, but I also like this velvet pillow. The cupboard matches our dresser and would replace the bookshelf (the mirror will move somewhere else).

After seeing some of the other smaller pieces come together I'm not sold on the rug anymore, but since everything is in limbo before we purchase anyway, I'm going to see if any other options arise. Other headboard fabrics I'm considering are:

Although I like them all, I really really really love the one I used in the design board. I just don't know what we'll be able to afford. They are all Schumacher fabrics (let me know if you're interested in purchasing).

I'm also hung up on bedding options, mostly because of the cat. I loved our white duvet cover (with pink trim) but Thisbe's claws put so many snags in it, and obviously her (black, constantly shedding) fur was all over it. So frustrating. I love the look of a really layered bed with a quilt on the bed and the duvet folded at the bottom... but let's be honest. I'm not a daily bed-maker, and should I really decorate based on what the photos will look like, or what I have to live with at the end of the day? So even a dark quilt with the white duvet that I love doesn't make sense. Given that I tend to dislike most retail duvet covers that AREN'T plain white doesn't bode well either. So I'm on the fence on about three different combos of bedding, including having a cover made to match the headboard. But I'd rather contrast, so... sigh. Puts me back at the beginning.

And of course, keep in mind that Ryan is seeing this for the first time with all of you, so his opinion has yet to be included. What do you think, honey? :)