Halloween costume ideas

Halloween doesn't have to be just for kids... but if you've wandered over to the grown-up section of a costume shop lately you'll know that it gives new meaning to the term "adult".  So we're going to stray from the interior design posts today to share some costume ideas for just you, for a couple, or a group... the length of your hem (and plunge of your neckline) is up to you.

1. Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit (plus any number of other characters)

2. Cleopatra

3. 70's rock star and a groupie (err.... "band aid" for fellow "Almost Famous" fans)

4. Robots

5. Aliens

6. Aslan and the White Witch

6. Mulder and Scully

7. Painter and muse

8. Cher Horowitz (knee-socks and plaid, anyone?)

9. Zombie apocalypse survivors

10. Zombie apocalypse victims (aka Zombies)

11. Rachel Zoe

12. The Beatles

13. The Headless Horseman

14. George and Martha Washington

15. Bonnie and Clyde

16. Rick and Ilsa from "Casablanca" (trench coats and a hat)

17. Tarzan and Jane

18. Circus Ringleader and lion (could add other roles for a group - bearded lady, trapeze artist, etc)

19. Indiana Jones

20. King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot (scandalous)

21. Surfer

22. The Birds (chic little skirt suit + fake birds, scratches)

23. Pinata (prepare for blows)

24. Zebra

25. Various current pop stars (downside: you'll freeze to death in your unitard!)

26. King Kong

27. Geeks, complete with pocket protecter

28. Pippi Longstocking

29. Bear and bear's victim

30. Beauty and the Beast

31. Medusa

32. Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

33. Photographer and super model

34. Ballerina

35. Escaped convicts

36. Fred and Wilma Flintstone (we've been this before!)

37. Vampire

38. Ghost, traditional (chains, tattered clothing)

39. Ghost, miscellaneous (cheerleader, bride, fast food worker, etc).

40. The Jetsons

41. James Bond and Bond Girl (circa Sean Connery, of course)

42. Chef and chicken

43. Fortune teller

44. Tattoo artist

45. Construction worker

46. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI (heads optional)

47. Mummy and archeologist

48. Princess and toad

49. Mad scientists (or scientist and bloody patient)

50. Interior decorator (had to include!)


Photo: by me, Halloween 2009 (Ryan as the robot)