Personal style

I've been doing a lot of interviews lately (fun!) and a common question is "how do you define your personal style?"

It's a tricky question for me, because my at-home style is different from my business's "personal style" and because I wonder if clients will think "that's not exactly what I want MY home to look like, so I should hire someone else." For the record, I love to bring a client's own personality into a room... it should look like YOU live there, not me. However, if you love my style, I already have a ton of amazing sources and ideas so your project will be that much quicker.

But we're talking about PERSONAL taste. And since my personal home is shared with the dashing Ryan, I consider his taste meshed with mine to be our personal style. How many times can I say "personal" in this paragraph?

The above photo is from House and Home and it stopped me in my tracks. It is absolutely what I would consider to be "Maggie and Ryan" style, or what our apartment would look like if budget wasn't an issue.

The table is totally me (casters!), the chairs are totally Ryan (he loves mid century modern), and the chandelier is ALL me. I like that the modern bookcases blend into the architecture, and the mix of modern art, antiques, and books is totally "us". Add in those library lights and an exposed beam, and you've got yourself a happy camper (me).