New lights and a link party!

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Lamps Plus. I ordered lampshades for our bedroom lamps from them last year and frequently recommend their products to clients. When we moved into our new apartment a few months ago, I knew I wanted to put in some sort of wall lights - we don't have much space for furniture that will hold another table lamp, but the overhead light was driving me crazy. I found a million options, but we ended up choosing these!

Ryan putting up the cord covers:


A view from farther back:


They are the Matte Bronze Plug-in Swing Arm Lamp (plug-in is necessary since we're renters and can't hard-wire). These handy cord covers keep the cords from looking all wonky. And don't you worry - a big old piece of art is planned for right in the middle there (then they won't feel so high up). We love them!

In total transparency (don't want to keep anything from you), the lights were donated by the company... but not in one of those "We'll give you swag and you'll lie and say how you like it" ways - quite the opposite! I approached them about collaborating on a way to show off their awesome products, because I think they're often overlooked or dismissed as "just a lighting store" when in fact, they have much more! Like furniture (love this table), and decorative accessories (like this glass cloche).

I also thought this would be a really fun opportunity to try out doing a link party :) After hearing great feedback on my "just for fun" design boards, I thought some of you might be doing similar little projects or have been wanting to try. And I want to give you a chance to show off your vision and creativity. So this is what I dreamed up...

On WEDNESDAY, November 2nd, I'll be sharing my design board featuring a few of my favorite items from Lamps Plus (besides my killer wall lights, that is!). At the bottom of that post, I'll set up a link party for you to link to your OWN post (on your blog) featuring YOUR design board (or boards!). It can be for a room in your house, a client, or a just for fun board, but to participate, it has to include items from Lamps Plus (it can have other sources too). After you link up, you can visit the other posts that gets linked as well, and maybe find some new blogs... or new blog readers :)

A big huge thank you to the awesome team at Lamps Plus for giving into my crazy little idea! Now everyone start prepping your posts for Wednesday (you can link after too, but it will get the most traffic on Wednesday)! Have questions? Meet me in the comments!

P.S. Read my Q&A interview over on the Lamps Plus blog HERE.