Shopping for headboards

Ryan and I desperately need a new bed. The old full-size mattress we have is on its last limbs (considering its from Ryan's childhood home, it's not a surprise). Plus, I'm a sprawler and yet somehow end up with a quarter of the mattress because Thisbe sleeps at my feet. So, we're putting "contribute to our bed fund" on our Christmas lists. Considering we'll need a mattress, box spring, frame, headboard, plus things like a new mattress pad and sheets... we've also been saving up what we can. The frame we have from Crate and Barrel will have to go so hopefully we'll get a few bucks for that on Craigslist (it's in great shape). I have been planning on DIYing a headboard since we were living in the old apartment, but now that it's getting closer I'm having second thoughts. I already have a gazillion projects on my list. There is no guarantee that the project will go smoothly. And honestly, I don't really consider myself a DIY person, except that sometimes I just can't afford or find what I want. I don't get any kind of happy thrill out of DIY. There are tears and way more money spent than I ever thought, and it generally doesn't turn out how I wanted. Ryan has suggested purchasing a headboard and I'm leaning that way now as well.

This is the one I want:

It's from Serena and Lily. You can choose the fabric and the type of nailhead used. There are a few fabrics that I like, but this one is a top contender. Problem: I have expensive taste. This is about $1500 just for the headboard. If I'm patient and we save save save, I want this one. But I thought I'd see what else is out there for less.

Pottery Barn (classic, nothing crazy about it, but I like the linen they offer it in): $650

West Elm (my favorite shape of the cheaper choices but I don't love the fabric options): $449

Crate and Barrel, but in gray (I don't want the Colette bed): $899

So there are my top choices. What I love about my dream headboard is the fabric and the trim. I'm just not finding anything that compares... unless it's only going to save us $100 or so. Looks like I'm pinching pennies, friends. DIY just isn't gonna cut it (besides, the fabric I wanted to use in my DIY version is almost $200 a yard, and I want it TALL).

What do you think?