Ryan is really into board games, and he's been trying to get me to play backgammon for a few months. Finally one evening a couple weeks ago, we were fresh out of ideas for what do after dinner, it was rainy and nasty out, and I wasn't feeling super social. So we opened a bottle of wine and Ryan taught me how to play backgammon. I loved it.

Maybe it is the simplicity of it, the strategy without meanly plotting against one another (I don't like those games), or the fact that the board is so cute in such a graphic way. Our set is felt and leather and full of retro charm.

So I thought I'd share some cute sets that I found online to maybe spark your interest!

From The Chess Store:

From Barnes and Noble:


And from Nexus Gadgets:

I think backgammon is a great game that is classic and ageless but simpler than chess (it takes much less time to learn). Maybe a good idea for Christmas gifts this year?