Rug runner

Can you tell I'm decorating our new place bit by bit? I have a few specific projects to complete before our holiday party this year but for the most part I'm just keeping an eye out for pieces that might work together and what we can afford. Gotta jump on deals when we can! And one item I've been searching for is a runner solution down our hallway.

The hallway runs almost exactly 14 feet long from the doorway that leads into the living room down to the bedroom door. It's the spot that Thisbe likes to run her sprints when she's feeling antsy, and I'm sure the neighbors don't appreciate the thumping (she's not very big but we call her Chunker for all the noise she makes jumping and running). Plus, I don't want to overlook this decorating opportunity just because it's a small area.

I've sort of planned on doing a vintage or antique kilim rug (similar to this one, but not this one because it's too short). I've seen a few that are around $250 (and up).

Pretty traditional and won't compete with the jute we have in the living room and whatever ends up in the bedroom (likely a geometric, like this one I posted about).

However, I was checking out the (now open!) new High Street Market shop and kind of fell in love with this rug:

I like that it's herringbone pattern instead of chevron, and two of them would make exactly 14 feet. Plus, even buying two would only be $270 all together.

I'm seriously considering this option, but it will depend in part on what Ryan's thoughts are and what we're leaning toward for the bedroom... we'll probably bite the bullet after Christmas. SO I want to hear your thoughts. Vintage kilim style or new and graphic print? Which do you love?