What to wear: Thanksgiving

In our families, Thanksgiving isn't a big "dressing up" holiday - after all, you're there to visit and then eat and eat, right? But since we spend it with Ryan's family, I do like to wear something that looks cute, since I'm a guest in their home.  

Much like wearing red can elevate an outfit to Christmas attire if you so choose, I like tan (or camel, or nude - whatever you want to call it) for Thanksgiving. It mixes so well with different tones and looks very autumnal. I mixed some tan pieces with other colors and neutrals below in a variety of "comfort" levels. Hopefully you have a few similar pieces to mix and match something similar from your closet.


Tan. Wear it with black.

black and tan




Wear it with green.

green and tan




Wear it with gray.

gray and tan




Wear it with red.

red and tan



Do you have a favorite? I'm loving the tan and gray. Thinking I might have some pieces in MY closet to achieve a similar look!